Two Certified Technology Platforms

Leres and Protim, the two core facilities of Irset, are accessible to the scientific community, both public and private.

Protim (Proteomes & images)

The Protim platform belongs to the Biogenouest life science and environment core facility network in Western France.

Protim offers a large array of technologies dedicated to the analysis of Proteomes. Protim is led by Charles Pineau.


Leres (Environmental and Health Research Laboratory)

The Leres is a technology platform specialized in analytical chemistry and microbiology dedicated to the evaluation of human exposures to environmental contaminants.

A wide range of analysis of quality parameters of the environmental media:

  • Advanced analytical devices
  • Highly qualified personnel
  • Procedures to ensure the quality of the measurements results
  • The certificates of competency: accreditations (Cofrac) and approvals

Research projects on:

  • Water intended for human consumption : resource to tap
  • Indoor environments : air, dust, mould in home