Ten Research Teams

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• Team #1 | Environmental Contaminants and Pulmonary Barriers (ECPB). Olivier FARDEL.
• Team #2 | Infection, Immunity, Environmental Factors and Liver (2IFEF). Michel SAMSON.
• Team #3 | Stress, Membrane and Signaling (SMS). Dominique LAGADIC-GOSSMANN (+ plateau technique "Membrane et stress").
• Team #4 Avenir | Meiosis, Epigenetics and Reproduction (Mer). Fatima SMAGULOVA.
• Team #5 | Dynamics of Microenvironment and Cancer: Structure, Signaling, Contaminants (Dymec). Nathalie THÉRET and Sophie LANGOUËT.
• Team #6 | Transcription, Environment and Cancer (Trec). Farzad PAKDEL.
• Team #7 | Regulatory Mechanisms in Cellular Toxicology, Growth and Development (Remede). Michael PRIMIG and Charles PINEAU.
• Team #8 | UrGenT: Physiology and Physiopathology of the Urogenital Tract. Nathalie DEJUCQ-RAINSFORD.
• Team #9 | Exposure Assessment and Epidemiological Research on Environment, Reproduction and Development (3ERD). Luc MULTIGNER.
• Team #10 | Epidemiology in Occupational Health and Ergonomics (Ester). Yves ROQUELAURE.
• Platform #1 | Environmental and Health Research Laboratory (Leres). Philippe QUÉNEL.
• Platform #2 | Proteomes and Images (Protim). Charles PINEAU.