Team Y. Roquelaure | Epidemiology in Occupational Health and Ergonomics [ Ester ]

The Team Epidemiology in Occupational Health and Ergonomics (Ester) became the 10th team of the Research Institute for Environmental and Occupational Health (Irset) in January 2017.
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Epidemiology in Occupational Health and Ergonomics (Ester)

The team brings together researchers in the field of occupational health on the themes:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs),
  • Mental health and psychosocial work factors,
  • And occupational cancers.

This team brings together members of the former Laboratory of ergonomics and epidemiology in occupational health (LEEST) in the field of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and researchers working on the topics of mental health and occupational cancers.

Thematic axes

  • Etiological research of the occupational determinants,
  • Assessment of the contribution to social inequalities in health,
  • Assessment of occupational exposures (“ergo-expology”),
  • Prevention interventions and intervention assessment.


  • Epidemiology,
  • Biostatistics,
  • Occupational health,
  • Ergonomics,
  • Prevention of occupational risks.

Some videos of the ESTER team

Filmed lecture by Pr Yves Roquelaure: "Les troubles musculo-squelettiques d'origine professionnelle : comprendre pour agir". Université Blaise Pascal, 2014.

Interview with Professor Yves Roquelaure on the subject: "Maladies Chroniques et Travail". C.H.U d'Angers, 2009.

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The team Epidemiology in Occupational Health and Ergonomics (ESTER) has a dedicated website that we invite you to consult: