Team M. Samson | Infection, Immunity and Environmental Factors in Liver [2IFEF]

The team headed by Michel Samson focuses on liver diseases.

April 2018 -Team 2IFEF is honoured by "Fondation pour la recherche médicale" and will be founded for 3 years

Liver Diseases

With hundreds of millions of people affected, acute and chronic liver diseases are a major public health problem. Exposure to chemicals and/or hepatotropic infectious agents (Hepatitis B or C Virus, parasites such as Leishmania) induces liver dysfunction leading to hepatitis, fibrosis/cirrhosis and hepatocarcinoma.

Research Objectives

Our team's project aims to better define the molecular and cellular events occurring during acute and chronic hepatitis.

  • Involvement of various cells, in particular innate immunity cells, endothelial cells or mast cells, is analysed as well as the cytokinic microenvironment.
  • Cell death pathways that can affect hepatocytes during hepatitis are also studied.
  • Impact of cytokinic and cellular response on fibrosis progression, or entry and persistence of hepatitis B virus is examined.

We also develop projects on the worsening of liver damage that can occur during co-exposure to hepatotropic infectious agents and chemical agents.
Final goal of this work is to identify new biomarkers of hepatitis and new therapeutic targets to limit or stop the adverse development of liver diseases.

In Vitro and In Vivo Approaches

These studies are based on the complementarity of in vitro and in vivo approaches, including

  • Cultures of primary hepatocytes and liver cell lines, both susceptible to infection with hepatitis B virus,
  • Cultures of immune cell,
  • Collection of human samples in patients (biopsies, blood),
  • Animal models (wild or invalidated for our genes of interest) of acute and chronic hepatitis induced by chemicals and/or infectious agents (viruses and parasites).

One Example of Study

Four Research Axes