Team M. Primig, C. Pineau | Regulatory Mechanisms in Cellular Toxicology, Growth and Development

Co-group leaders: Michael Primig and Charles Pineau.

Our objectives

In the field of reproduction, our work focusses on completing the human proteome with emphasis on testicular, epididymal and sperm proteins, and we analyse the yeast transcriptome and proteome to ultimately understand the function of lncRNAs and novel proteins encoded by non-canonical mRNAs. We seek to identify genetic causes for male and female infertility, and we also study the distribution and the mechanism of action of cytotoxic small molecules in the male genital sphere.

Our cancer-related research has two major aims. First, we ask if altered RNA processing and degradation in cancer cells can mediate drug resistance. Second, we seek to gain mechanistic insight into the molecular functions of Cancer/Testis genes in the male germline to assess their potential impact on somatic cancer progression.

Our research program