Team F. Smagulova (Avenir) | Meiosis, Epigenetics and Reproduction [Mer]

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The effects of environmental toxicants such as pesticides and chemicals on human health are largely unknown. Our goal is to elucidate the effects of environmental toxicants on epigenetic regulatory mechanisms involved in control of developmental processes and pathological processes.


In our research we are using a mouse inbred and outbred models and human samples. We are using classical techniques for a morphology analysis such as immunohistochemistry method for detection some markers specific for testis cell types and against proteins involved in meiosis. To reveal the effects of toxicants on histone modifications we are using chromatin immunoprecipitation techniques followed by high throughoutput sequencing. We are using RNA sequencing technique for the analysis of changes in RNA expression and performing the functional annotation of differentially expressed genes. We are using bioinformatics tools for the analysis of omics data.

Fatima Smagulova Presentation

Team 4

Members of team 4 - From left to right : Abderrahman Chafik, Shereen D'Cruz, Colin Hartman, Louis Legoff, Fatima Smagulova et Elena de la Mata.

3 Research Axes