Team D. Lagadic-Gossmann | Stress, Membrane and Signaling [SMS]

Research by the SMS team deals with the membrane stress induced by environmental contaminants and with the related consequences in terms of cell responses (cell death and survival, metabolic reprogramming, communication via extracellular vesicles...), in connection with the development of diverse pathologies (cancers, metabolic diseases of liver).

  1. Plasma Membrane and Membrane Remodeling
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Stress, membrane, signalisation - Equipe de l'Irset


Plasma Membrane and Membrane Remodeling

Plasma membrane is the first target of exogenous stress. We have previously shown that early membrane remodeling (changes in fluidity ; reorganization of lipid rafts) plays an important role in stress-related cell responses (cell death, metabolic reprogramming, cell survival). Furthermore, membrane remodeling occurs during the development of several diseases; in line with this, our team has evidenced that it indeed contributed to functional alterations of macrophages during cystic fibrosis (CF), an inflammatory disease from a pulmonary and systemic point of view.


Team Project

Our project is aimed at further identifying the early molecular mechanisms involved in the toxicity of environmental pollutants, possibly in association with lifestyle or diet factors (ethanol, nutritional factors), considering both healthy as well as at risk populations. The outcome of this work should help proposing new biomarkers and strategies to prevent harmful effects of chemical compounds.


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