Research axis 1, 2IFEF | Cytokinic microenvironment during hepatitis

Cytokines and chemokines are the key communication factors within the liver microenvironment

During acute or chronic hepatitis, cytokines and chemokines are known to be key molecular factors in the induction of post-infection inflammation and in the maintenance of immune infiltrate. Cytokines directly participate in pathological processes and in the disease evolution. Moreover, they represent relevant biomarkers to predict and to monitor disease status in patients.
In line of our last five years of research, our next projects will continue to focus on the role of IL-33, HLA-G, CXCL14 or IL-34. These molecules will be studied in patients with acute or chronic hepatitis, and in animal models relevant to further investigation of their role in liver pathologies.

Axis1, Cytokinic microenvironment during hepatitis - immunolocalization of immune cells in the liver