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Rennes... Une ville où il fait bon vivre et travailler ! Retrouvez ici nos offres de postes. A pleasant city where to live and work in! Find our job offers here.

Junior postdoctoral position 2023-2024

A two-year junior postdoctoral position is available in our DREAM group at IRSET (www.irset.org/en), a leading Inserm research unit in the field of human health. We recently moved into a new building on the campus of the French Public Health School (www.ehesp.fr/en) in the center of Rennes (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rennes). The capital city of Brittany is a hub for science, technology, and a wide variety of cultural events. Moreover, Paris is reachable within 90 minutes by high-speed train connections.

We are seeking candidates who have a PhD in molecular biology or biochemistry, and who have worked on protein structure/function analyses or the regulation of proteins by post-translational modifications.

We offer a monthly salary of approximately 2600€ (before taxes) in a city where the cost of living is comparatively reasonable. The position is available from January 2023 onwards at the earliest. The call will remain open until the position is filled. It is possible to apply for a third-year extension.

Please send your CV, a letter of motivation including a career plan, and contact information for least two colleagues you published first-author papers in international peer-reviewed journals with to Michael Primig (michael [dot] primigatinserm [dot] fr). Suitable candidates will be short-listed for a job interview either on site or via videoconferencing before the final decision is made.

Offre d'emploi - Ingénieur.e de données SNDS - Equipe 11 - Drive

Poste à temps plein à pourvoir dès que possible 

La personne recrutée aura pour mission de renforcer l’axe 2 de l’équipe 11, au sein de l’équipe de pharmaco-épidémiologie. Dans le cadre de projets européens et nationaux, elle sera en charge de la partie gestion et analyse des données, en utilisant les données issues du système national des données de santé (SNDS). Mission réalisée sous la responsabilité des pharmaco-épidémiologistes impliqués dans divers projets de recherche de l’équipe DRIVE.

Visualiser la fiche de poste :

Ingenieur.e données SNDS - (195.94 KB)

  - CDD 12 mois

Envoyer CV et lettre de motivation à Dr SCAILTEUX Lucie-Marie Lucie-marie [dot] scailteuxatuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr


NEW! Offre de contrat doctoral (thèse) : projet PHARE EHESP/Univ Marseille/LHN Anses

CDD de 36 mois

Poste à temps plein à pourvoir pour le 1er septembre 2022.


Consulter le sujet de thèse - (684.09 KB)

Co-direction : EHESP / Université de Marseille / Anses-LHN

Encadrants de thèse :
- Marie-Florence Thomas, Professeure EHESP, marie-florence [dot] thomasatehesp [dot] fr
- Jean-Luc Boudenne, Professeur Université de Aix-Marseille, jean-luc [dot] boudenneatuniv-amu [dot] fr,
- Xavier Dauchy et Christophe Rosin, Chercheurs LHN-Anses, Xavier [dot] DAUCHYatanses [dot] fr ; Christophe [dot] ROSINatanses [dot] fr

Les candidats devront soumettre, avant le 30 avril 2022, les documents suivants :
- Un curriculum vitae (intégrant au moins le nom d’une personne référente),
- Une lettre de motivation,
- Une copie de son rapport de Master 2 (si disponible).

Après examen des dossiers, des auditions seront programmées en juin 2022.

Assistant-Professor in Biochemistry / HRMS-based Exposomics

Researcher profile: Young Researcher (with less than 4 years research experience after PhD) or Established Researcher (with more than 4 years research experience)

Research fields: Biological Science, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Medical Sciences 

Main Activities:

Research: Assessment of human exposure to environmental contaminants (chemical exposome)
Technological advances in high-resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS), combined with the development of innovative bioinformatics tools, allows to characterize on large scale and without any a priori human exposure to chemical mixtures. These novel approaches based on HRMS, called “non-targeted”, provide a unique opportunity to capture the exposome (i.e. the totality of environmental exposures of an individual in a lifetime), and particularly the chemical exposome.
This new paradigm for exposure measurement offers new perspectives in the field of environmental health. The strategy of Irset, and more particularly the ELIXIR team (Lifecourse Epidemiology and Exposure Science for Environmental Health Exposure) is to develop new research to better understand the links between environmental chemicals exposures and the occurrence of chronic diseases in large scale epidemiological studies. Irset aims, both at the University of Rennes and at the national (medical research) and European levels, to position this theme as a high priority.
Consequently, Irset offers a position of permanent assistant professor position. We are seeking candidates with excellent skills in analytical chemistry (and in particular in LC / GC-HRMS) and/or in bioinformatics (big data analysis) to join the ELIXIR team which has already developed projects in this new field of research linked to the chemical exposome.
Successful candidate will have a strong background in analytical metabolomics/exposomics and/or bioinformatics for mining HRMS data. He/she will thus be responsible for developing new analytical and/or bioinformatics methods to conduct projects based on non-targeted HRMS analysis, on a large scale, of biological samples from epidemiological cohorts. These projects will aim to characterize, on a broad spectrum, exposures to mixtures of environmental chemicals and to study the existing associations between these exposures and health outcomes of interest to the host team. Strong interactions are expected with the epidemiologists from the host team but also with other Irset researchers with expertise in toxicology and "omics" sciences. The candidate must demonstrate very good communication skills in English in order to teach in English and to interact regularly with foreign researchers.
Key-words: Biochemistry, Metabolic biochemistry, Omics, bioinformatics

Teaching: Teaching general and analytical biochemistry as well as metabolism (French and English) to undergraduated students. Experience using omics techniques and integrated dimension of biochemistry, as well as research assessment of human exposure to environmental contaminants, especially environmental chemicals, in order to build Master degree teaching in the field. 

Required Experience: 2 to 10 years  

Fields: Biochemistry, Metabolic biochemistry, Omics, bioinformatics

Required Education Level or Diploma: PhD

Required Languages: French, English

Hosting Unit:
- Teaching (on Rennes Beaulieu campus): University of Rennes 1, Faculty of Life and environmental sciences (Director: Claire Piquet-Pellorce). 2,800 students in life and environmental sciences, 120 lecturers, 20 persons for administrative and technical assistance. 
- Research (on Rennes Villejean campus): Institut de recherche en santé, environnement et travail (Irset, UMR_S 1085) (Research Institute for Environmental and Occupational Health). Close to 350 persons, 11 research teams, and 1 technology platform

Type: permanent contract

Duration: Permanent

Salary: According to experience

Envisaged Start Date: September 1, 2022

Application: Applicants should confirm their application by sending their CV to: Yves Le Dréan (Yves [dot] le-dreanatuniv-rennes1 [dot] fr) and Arthur David (arthur [dot] davidatehesp [dot] fr)

Deadline for application: 31 March 2022