Michel Samson's team Publications


  • Filliol A, Farooq M, Piquet-Pellorce C, Genet V, Dimanche-Boitrel MT, Vandenabeele P, Bertrand M JM, Samson M* and Le Seyec J*. RIPK1 protects hepatocytes from death in Fas-induced hepatitis.  Scientific reports. In press * co-senior contribution. SM: Corresponding author.
  • Filliol A, Piquet-Pellorce C, Dion S, Genet V, Lucas-Clerc C, Dantzer F, and Samson M. PARP2 deficiency affects invariant-NKT-cell maturation and protects mice from Concanavalin A-induced liver injury. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. In press.
  • Le Cann F, Delehouzé C, Penna-Leverrier S, Filliol A, Comte A, Delalande O, Desban N, Baratte B, Gallais I, Piquet-Pellorce C, Faurez F, Bonnet M, Mettey Y, Goekjian P, Samson M, Vandenabeele P, Bach S * and Dimanche-Boitrel MT*. Sibiriline, a new small chemical inhibitor of Receptor-Interacting Protein Kinase 1, prevents immune-dependent hepatitis. FEBS Journal. In press. * co-senior contribution. 
  • Carrière V, Arshad MI, Le Seyec J, Lefevre B, Farooq M, Jan A, Manuel C, Touami-Bernard L, Lucas-Clerc C, Genet V, Gascan H, Girard JP, Chalmel F, Lamontagne L, Piquet-Pellorce C* and Samson M*. Endogenous IL-33 deficiency exacerbates liver injury and increases hepatic influx of neutrophils in acute murine viral hepatitis. 2017. Mediators Inflamm. Accepted. * co-senior contribution. 
  • Vasseur P*, Dion S*, Filliol A, Genet V, Lucas-Clerc C, Girard JP,  Silvain C, Lecron JC, Piquet-Pellorce C and Samson M. Endogenous IL-33 has no effect on the progression of fibrosis during experimental steatohepatitis. Oncotarget. Accepted, In press. * contributed equally. 
  • Filliol A, Piquet-Pellorce C, Raguénès-Nicol C, Dion S, Farooq M, Lucas-Clerc C, Vandenabeele P, Bertrand M JM, Le Seyec J and Samson M. RIPK1 protects hepatocytes from Kupffer cells-mediated TNF-induced apoptosis in mouse models of PAMP-induced hepatitis. 2017. J Hepatol. Jun;66(6):1205-1213.  
  • Lévêque M, Simonin-Le Jeune K, Jouneau S, Moulis S, Desrues B, Belleguic C, Brinchault G, Le Trionnaire S, Gangneux JP, Dimanche-Boitrel MT, Martin-Chouly C. Soluble CD14 acts as a DAMP in human macrophages: origin and involvement in inflammatory cytokine/chemokine production. FASEB J. 2017 May;31(5):1891-1902.
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