Members of the team led by Charles Pineau

Name Position
PINEAU Charles Inserm DR2 (Protim, Axis 2,3,5)
JAMIN Soazik Inserm CRCN HDR (Axis 4)
PETIT Fabrice Inserm CRCN HDR (Axis 4)
COM Emmanuelle Inserm IR (Protim, Axis 2,3,5)
KERVARREC Christine Inserm IE (Axis 4,1)
LAVIGNE Régis Inserm IE (Protim, Axis 2,3,5)
LAGARRIGUE Mélanie UR1 MCF (Axis 2,3,5)
GUILLOT Laetitia UR1 IE (Axis 1)
CHAROY Blandine UR1 IE CDI (Protim, Axis 2,3,5)
GUEHO Aurélie Inserm IR (Protim, Axis 2,3,5)
PELLEGRINI Elisabeth UR1 MCF (Axis 1)
CHARLIER Thierry UR1 PR (Axis 1)
PAWLUSKI Jodi Research Associate (Axis 1)
DEBURE Laure UR1 MCF (Axis 1)
KUNIKULLAYA Kirthana PhD student (Axis 1)
MALLERET Cassandra PhD student (Axis 1)
KAH Olivier CNRS DR1, éméritat (Axis 1)