International scientists at Irset talk about their experience...

Katia Sayyed

Kenji Shoji

My name is Kenji Shoji, I come from Bolivia and I worked at Irset from 2013 to 2016. After completing my PhD in Physiological Sciences at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, I joined Irset for a post-doctoral position. Irset is a high-level research center that benefits from distinguished scholars. During my stay, I had the opportunity to develop my ideas working with the latest research tools and technologies. Living in Rennes has also given me the chance to learn a new language and make lots of friends. Brittany is one of the most beautiful places in France and everybody there is extremely helpful and supportive. My time at Irset helped me consolidate myself as a scientist and gave me the tools to explore for future opportunities in Europe. Today I work as a research scientist in one of the best biotech companies in Europe. My experience at Irset was a turning point in my career that nobody should miss out on.

Muhammed Imran Arshad

Raquel Lima Leite Soares Alvarenga