Hosting International Students and Researchers

The international research scientists hosted by Irset's research teams receive extensive support throughout their stay.

  1. Rennes International Mobility Centre
  2. Rennes 1 University and Foundation

Rennes International Mobility Centre

The Rennes International mobility centre (CMI) provides services to international students, PhD students and researchers coming to Rennes for study and research purposes. It caters both for incoming or outgoing mobility:

  • Hosting international visitors to Rennes: students, PhD students, or researchers.
  • Promoting international mobility: supporting undergraduate, graduate or PhD students or research staff from one of Rennes' higher education and research institutions, wanting to spend time abroad as part of their course or work.

See the two guides published by the CMI:
> Guide for international PhD students and researchers (link in French)
> Guide for international students in Rennes (link in French)

International mobility centre (CMI)
1 place Paul Ricœur
35000 RENNES
Phone: +33 (0)2 57 87 02 02

Rennes 1 University and Foundation

Rennes 1 University provides individual support and induction.

Rennes 1 Foundation has implemented a procurement process for international PhD support at Rennes 1 University.