France Exposome, a national research infrastructure in Western France

On October 11, 2021, the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation validated "France Exposome" on the 2021 National Roadmap for Research Infrastructures.
France Exposome

Supported by Inserm, France Exposome is headquartered at IRSET, in Rennes, which is leading this project jointly with the Laberca, in Nantes. This new infrastructure will make it possible to structure and stimulate the scientific community working in the field of environmental health on the theme of the human chemical exposome, via the characterization of chemical targeted and non-targeted molecules. The technological equipment will be located at LERES, in Rennes, LABERCA, INERIS in Verneuil-en-Halatte, and TOXALIM (UMR 1331) in Toulouse. The Inserm unit 1124 in Paris is also associated with this infrastructure. All of these partners will provide the necessary complement in terms of toxicology, data interpretation and modelling. Thus France Exposome will offer a scientific, methodological and technical service for research teams in expology, epidemiology or in the field of public health in Europe. National agencies (Santé publique France, ANSES) and other institutes, such as INCa, will also be able to rely on France Exposome to develop their biomonitoring and prevention programs. France has only about twenty health biology infrastructures, and France Exposome is the first and only one having its headquarters in Western France, all fields combined. IRSET and its partners are thus participating in this large-scale project which is the decryption of the human chemical exposome.