Doctoral Schools

Nearly 50 PhDs are currently underway in the various research teams within the Institute. These may be attached to several Doctoral Schools, i.e. Biology-Health (Université Bretagne-Loire), and the Public Health Doctoral School Network.

  1. National Doctoral Pathway in Occupational Health
  2. Biology-Health Doctoral School (UBL)
  3. Public Health Doctoral Network
  4. Irset Scientific Seminars

National Doctoral Pathway in Occupational Health

The National doctoral pathway in occupational health aims to encourage high-flying applicants to work on occupational health topics and to improve the visibility both of the topic and of the research teams working in this area, in order to enhance the attractiveness of the field.
The pathway has three main purposes:
- to allocate PhD contracts after selecting the best applicants;
- to allocate mobility support grants to help students spend time in another research unit in France or abroad, while completing their PhD;
- to facilitate access to high level "occupational health" training by accrediting dedicated doctoral seminars and providing support for students following these seminars.
The pathway also aims to encourage communication and exchange between PhD students and with lecturers and researchers working in similar or complementary areas. 
Further information is available on the EHESP website:

Biology-Health Doctoral School (UBL)

The Biology-Health Doctoral School (formerly VAS) has some 570 PhD students working in 48 partner research units in the region. In Rennes, it covers 14 research units connected to major national research bodies, universities, and so-called "grandes écoles" (Inserm, CNRS, University of Rennes, Agrocampus Ouest, EHESP - School of Public Health and Anses). It includes 240 qualified research supervisors (HDR) and 170 PhD students. 

Public Health Doctoral Network

The Public Health Doctoral Network (Réseau Doctoral en Santé Publique) contributes to the creation of a community of professionals and researchers who share a common culture in public health. The Doctoral Network thus builds upon multidisciplinary training of PhD students, interdisciplinary practice, and international experience.

Irset Scientific Seminars

Doctoral students have the opportunity to regularly present their ongoing research to other Institute staff: every Monday, at an internal seminar, and at the annual event organized by "Upset", Irset's PhD and Post-doctoral Club.