Dissemination Events

Dissemination events encourage cooperation and communication between the Irset teams and external partners. They involve weekly seminars, lectures and symposia as well as other events. All these events help enhance Irset's national and international visibility and reputation.

  1. In-House Scientific Seminars
  2. "European Doctoral College on Environment and Health" (EDCEH) Summer School
  3. Science Lectures
  4. Annual Irset PhD and Post-doc Event
  5. Open Lecture: "Research Scientists Today and Tomorrow"
  6. Science Outreach

In-House Scientific Seminars

During these weekly seminars, researchers, technicians and PhD students are invited to present their projects and the state of play of their research. The aim is to increase awareness of the techniques being used by the different teams and to favour cooperation and communication between the teams. The seminars are designed to favour sharing between members of the unit.

"European Doctoral College on Environment and Health" (EDCEH) Summer School

This advanced level training event is primarily aimed at PhD students, but it is also open to researchers and non academics working in the field on environmental health. It is organized every two years and the next session, from June 4 to 6 2018, will be devoted to Endocrine disruptors.

EDCEH 2018

Science Lectures

Irset regularly hosts world-class scientists working in partnership with members of the research teams. They will then be invited to  give talks and lectures on their subject.

Annual Irset PhD and Post-doc Event

The event is organized by "Upset", Irset’s PhD and Post-doctoral Club. World-class French and international scientists are invited to give talks and the PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers present their work. This event is entirely organized in English and is only for members of the unit.

6th Young Researchers’ Day


Open Lecture: "Research Scientists Today and Tomorrow"

This one-day event was launched in 2016 at the opening of Irset's new building. It is organized by the Upset Club and is expected to become a regular feature of the Institute. This event is open to members of the scientific community as well as to Sixth form secondary students from the Rennes area.

"Today's and Tomorrow's Researchers" Conference in 2016


Science Outreach

Irset research staff are regularly called upon to give talks or to take part in round tables on various subjects, particularly on public health topics: Fête de la science, Festival des sciences de Rennes Métropole, Village des Sciences...

2017 Sciences Village