Development of innovative tools

As part of our research, we develop tools for bioinformatics or cellular and molecular biology. Some of these tools are made available to the scientific community.

Bioinformatics tools

To overcome the lack of appropriate available solution, we are committed to the development and maintenance of several home-made programs for high-throughput data analysis and dissemination, including:
i) AMEN (Annotation, Mapping, Expression and Network), a tool for analysis and exploration of microarray data;
ii) GPSy (Gene Prioritization System), a gene ranking system allowing the prioritization of candidate genes from high-throughput approaches (transcriptomic, proteomic ...) for detailed functional analyzes;
iii) RGV (The ReproGenomics Viewer),a multi-species and inter-species work environment for the visualization, extraction and comparison of ultra-high throughput sequencing data in the field of reproductive biology;
iv) PepPSy (Peptide Prioritization System), a prioritization system based on gene expression to determine in which tissue (s) human proteins that have never been identified or highlighted must be sought;
v) TOXsIgN (TOXicogenomic sIgNature), a new public deposit area for toxicological signatures. This multi-species database provides a flexible and open environment that facilitates on-line submission and recovery of toxicological signatures submitted by the scientific community;
vi) GeneULike, a public repository for lists of biological entities (genes, transcripts, proteins) resulting from the analysis of high-throughput genomic data (under development).

Outils bioinformatiques

Cellular and molecular tools

We are dedicated to the development of innovative culture systems and molecular biology methods, including: i) original cultures of adult human and fetal organs (testes, prostate, seminal vesicle, colon, exocervix, kidney ...); ii) a new method called LAMP (Long Amplicon Melt Profiling) for cost-effective and robust screening of large sets of PCR products.

We are an ANRS accredited platform for the ultra-sensitive detection of HIV / SIV in tissues associated with the identification of infected cell types by in situ hybridization and 4-color immunofluorescence.

Outils cellulaires et moléculaires