Axis 2 | Urogenital tract and chemical exposures

There are increasing concerns about the impact of environmental substances on human reproductive health. Our team has demonstrated the harmful impact of chemicals present in our everyday environment (phthalates, BPA…) and drugs (analgesics) in the endocrine functions of the human testis (fetal and adult), and on the fetal kidney. Such disturbances are suspected to be at the origin of the increase in anomalies of the human reproductive sphere (i.e. hypospadias, cryptorchidism, testis cancer…) and could induce dysfunctions in the adult kidney.
Our research aims to test, predict and understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the impact of these substances on the development of human gonads and their functions. We are also interested in the combined effect of certain chemicals with viral infections


In silico predictive toxicology strategies

The “omics” technologies represent extremely powerful tools to highlight molecular signatures with a high predictive potential. Our project is to identify, classify and prioritize novel endocrine disruptors and repro-toxicants by combining massive toxicogenomics data and bioinformatics approaches.

Contact: Frédéric Chalmel (Research Director Inserm)

Effects of chemicals on the human testis and kidney during development and adulthood

We analyze at the cellular and molecular level the deleterious effects of environmental chemical compounds, medicinal products or drugs (e.g. cannabis) on the adults and developping testis. For this we combine ex vivo (organotypic culture ofhuman fetal and adult testicular tissues), in vitro (human cell line) and in vivo (cohorts, rodents) models with classical approaches of toxicology and toxicogenomics.

Contacts: Severine Mazaud-Guittot (Senior scientist Inserm) & Aurore Gely-Pernot (lecturer at EHESP)

Combined effects of chemical and biological agents

Our project is to explore the combined effect of chemicals (e.g. analgesics, cannabis) and infection with certain viruses (HIV, Zika virus) on the functions and development of human uro-genital organs (kidney, testis)

Contact: Nathalie Dejucq-Rainsford (Research Director Inserm)