Axis 2, Team 4 | Investigation of epigenetic mechanisms controlling meiosis in male and females

Study of environmental factor effects on meiosis.

Meiotic cells immunostaining of histone γH2AX

Meiosis is a specialized cell division designed for the production of haploid gametes. Many epigenetic mechanisms are necessary for successful meiosis. Environmental toxicants and pharmaceutical drugs could affect germ cells and alter the developmental program of future organism conceived from affected gametes. We study the effects of environmental toxicants on critical stage of germ cell development, meiosis. We hypothesize that the epigenetic mechanisms of the germ cells could be modulated by environmental factors and could impose negative effects on meiosis. In addition, during meiosis the formation of double-strand breaks is required for chromosome segregation. This process is vulnerable for exposure and critical for the genome integrity. In our study we are using high throughput sequencing technologies.