Axis 2 | Proteomes of the male and female genital spheres

We participate in the Human Proteome Project (HPP), a global international effort to decipher the human proteome, a first map of which was published in 2020 (Adhikari et al., Nat Commun. 2020). Several so-called Missing Proteins could not be characterized. Our work has shown that many of them are expressed in specific organs such as the testis and in particular in the germ cell lineage. These proteins perform specialized functions, for example during spermatogenesis or during the post-testicular maturation of spermatozoa. The expression of their transcripts suggests that many Missing Proteins would also be produced in other organs of the male reproductive sphere (epididymis, seminal vesicles, prostate) and female (ovary, fallopian tubes). This work will enable us to characterize and understand the function of proteins likely to play a major role in gametogenesis and some of which, in the event of altered expression, could be associated with reproductive pathologies.

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