Dernières publications majeures de l'équipe TREC

Publications récentes de l'équipe " Transcription, environnement et cancer " dirigée par Farzad PAKDEL

  • Lecomte S, Habauzit D, Charlier T.D, Pakdel F. Emerging Estrogenic Pollutants in the Aquatic Environment and Breast Cancer. (2017) Genes 2017, 8, 229.
  • Lecomte S, Chalmel F, Ferriere F, Percevault F, Plu N, Saligaut C, Surel C, Le Long M, Efstathiou T, Pakdel F (2017) Glyceollins trigger anti-proliferative effects through estradiol-dependent and independent pathways in breast cancer cells. Cell Communication and Signaling, 15: 26.
  • Lecomte S, Demay F, Ferriere F, Pakdel F (2017) Phytochemicals targeting estrogen receptors: beneficial rather than adverse effects? Int. J. Mol. Sci., 18, 1381.
  • Lecomte S, Le Long M, Bourgine G, Efstathiou T, Saligaut C, Pakdel F (2017) Assessment of the potential activity of major dietary compounds as selective estrogen receptor modulators in two distinct cell models for proliferation and differentiation. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol, 325:61-70.
  • Habauzit D, Martin C, Kerdivel G, Pakdel F (2017) Rapid assessment of estrogenic compounds by CXCL-test illustrated by the screening of the UV-filter derivative Benzophenone (BP). Chemosphere, 173: 253-260.
  • Haas AJ, Le Page Y, Zhadobov M, Sauleau R, Le Drean Y, Saligaut C (2017) Effect of acute millimeter wave exposure on dopamine metabolism of NGF-treated PC12 cells. J Radiat Res, 58,  439-445.
  • Jehanno C, Flouriot G, Le Goff P, Michel D (2016) A model of dynamic stability of H3K9me3 heterochromatin to explain the resistance to reprogramming of differentiated cells. Biochim. Biophys. Acta. Gene Regulatory Mechanisms , 1860, 184-195.
  • Chouchene L, Pellegrini E, Gueguen MM, Hinfray N, Brion F, Piccini B, Kah O, Saïd K, Messaoudi I, Pakdel F (2016) Inhibitory effect of Cadmium on estrogen signaling in zebrafish brain and protection by Zinc. J Appl Toxicol, 2016, 36: 863-871.
  • Jehanno C, Flouriot G, Nicol-Benoît F, Le Page Y, Le Goff P, Michel D (2016) Envisioning metastasis as a transdifferentiation phenomenon clarifies discordant results on cancer. Breast Dis., 36:47-59.
  • Flouriot G., Huet G., Demay F., Pakdel F., Boujrad N., Michel D (2014) The actin/MKL1 signaling pathway influences cell growth and gene expression through large-scale chromatin reorganization and histone post-translational modifications. Biochem. J., 461:257-68.
  • Kerdivel G, Boudot A, Habauzit D, Percevault F, Demay F, Pakdel F, Flouriot G (2014) Activation of the MKL1/actin signaling pathway induces hormonal escape in estrogen-responsive breast cancer cell lines. Mol Cell Endocrinol, 390:34-44.
  • Boudot A, Kerdivel G, Lecomte S, Flouriot G, Desille M, Godey F, Leveque J, Tas P, Le Dréan Y, Pakdel F (2014) COUP-TFI modifies CXCL12 and CXCR4 expression by activating EGF signaling and stimulates breast cancer cell migration. BMC Cancer, 14:407.
  • Habauzit D., Ferrière F., Botherel N., Flouriot G., Pakdel F., Saligaut C (2014) Differentiation of PC12 cells expressing estrogen receptor alpha: a new bioassay for endocrine-disrupting chemicals evaluation. Chemosphere, 112, 240-247.

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