Irset is a unique research institute in France. It’s mission is to employ quantitative biology, statisticis and high-throughput analyses as well as epidemiological methods to better understand how biological processes related to major pathologies such as cancer and infertility occur and how they are influenced by environmental factors. Research at Irset is highly interdisciplinary and includes  basic as well as applied activities. Irset provides public authorities with information which is meant to facilitate decision making in fields critical for human health.

Our research focuses on:

Environmental Stress, Infection, Signaling and Cancer

Marie-Thérèse Dimanche-Boitrel

Olivier Fardel
Farzad Pakdel
Michel Samson
Nathalie Théret, Georges Baffet

Endocrinology, Reproduction and Development

Luc Multigner, Philippe Quénel
Nathalie Dejucq-Rainsford
Thierry Charlier
Michael Primig
Fatima Smagulova (Avenir Team)

High-throughput sample processing and analysis

Charles Pineau