The Facility team is tackling cutting-edge technological projects in two very specific fields of proteomics:

  • Development of methods and strategies that will contribute to applications of MALDI imaging mass spectrometry (IMS) in various fields of biology ranging from toxicoproteomics and reglementary toxicology to clinical applicability of IMS;
  • Development and implementation of integrative genomics methods and strategies that avoid laborious manual data validation and provide a fast, consistent and transparent mean to analyze large-scale systematic proteomics data and extract key information from descriptive or quantitative datasets.

Spermatogenesis in mammals is used as a relevant model for most of our technological developments. Our work is part of a more ambitious project that aims at ultimately defining the mammalian testicular germ cell proteome and characterizing proteins that are specific of the germ cell lineage.

Earlier work on anti-infectious defense mechanisms of male genital organs has lead to a patent (n° 2 879 203) on 26 novel naturally occurring human peptides and the foundation of the biotechnology company Innova Proteomics.

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