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SAMSON  Michel  : F-8356-2013
LE SEYEC Jacques : J-5680-2015
GRIPON Philippe : J-6068-2015
PIQUET-PELLORCE Claire : I-4195-2015
GANGNEUX Jean-Pierre : J-2960-2015
ROBERT-GANGNEUX Florence : I-4692-2015
AMIOT Laurence : J-5955-2015
DIMANCHE-BOITREL Marie-Thérèse : I-4642-2015
RAGUENES-NICOL Céline: I-2693-2015
THIBAULT Vincent : J-7193-2015
GUILLET Benoit : J-7830-2015
DION Sarah : I-5656-2015

2015  (last updated 27 January 2016)

Rivière L, Gerossier L, Ducroux A, Dion S, Deng Q, Michel ML, Buendia MA, Hantz O, Neuveut C. HBx relieves chromatin-mediated transcriptional repression of hepatitis B viral cccDNA involving SETDB1 histone methyltransferase. J Hepatol. 2015 Nov;63(5):1093-102.

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Ruff M, Leyme A, Le Cann F, Bonnier D, Le Seyec J, Chesnel F, Fattet L, Rimokh R, Baffet G, Théret N. The Disintegrin and Metalloprotease ADAM12 Is Associated with TGF-β-Induced Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition. Plos One. 2015 25;10(9):e0139179.

Bleau C, Filliol A, Samson M and Lamontagne L. Brain invasion by mouse hepatitis virus depends on impairment of tight junctions and interferon- production in brain microvascular endothelial cells. J Virol. 2015. ;89(19):9896-908. IF=4.439

Basset L, Chevalier S, Danger Y, Arshad MI, Piquet-Pellorce C, Gascan H and Samson M. Interleukin-27 and IFNγ regulate the expression of CXCL9, CXCL10 and CXCL11 in hepatitis. J Mol Med. 2015 ; 93(12):1355-67. IF=5.107

Bourreau E, Ginouves M, Prévot G, Hartley MA, Gangneux JP, Robert-Gangneux F, Dufour J, Sainte Marie D, Bertolotti A, Pratlong F, Martin R, Schütz F, Couppié P, Fasel N, Ronet C. Leishmania-RNA virus presence in L. guyanensis parasites increases the risk of firstline treatment failure and symptomatic relapse. J Infect Dis, 2015 in press. IF=5,778

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Belaz S, Rattier T, Lafite P, Moreau P, Routier F, Robert-Gangneux F, Gangneux JP, Daniellou R. Identification, biochemical characterization, and in-vivo expression of the intracellular invertase BfrA from the pathogenic parasite Leishmania major. Carbohyd Res, in press. IF=1,929

Arshad MI*, Guihard P*, Danger Y, Noel G, Le Seyec J, Boutet MA, Richards CD, L’Helgoualc’h A, Genet V, Lucas-Clerc C, Gascan H, Blanchard F, Piquet-Pellorce C and Samson M. Oncostatin M induces IL-33 expression in liver endothelial cells in mice and expands ST2+CD4+ lymphocytes. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. * contributed equally. 2015. In press. IF=3.798

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